The Tiny TieRant


I first posted about this event on My It Things on Aug. 25, 2011

Even though my style has evolved to include brightly colored accessories in my jewelry box, I still find myself being drawn to the dark side from time to time. I have always loved deep tones of reds and blues as accenting gemstones because they represent an aura of mystery and passion and they add a sense of sophistication to your look. With that being said, I was excited to see the preview for Ippolita’s latest collection, aptly titled, “Dark Decadence.”

Ippolita is known for creating unique designs that look almost effortlessly artistic; naturally the new collection embodied the same spirit. There were plenty of gold pieces done in long linking circles as necklaces and earrings. Known for mixing the traditional with the unconventional, it was no surprise that the stones that are placed along the necklaces were not a perfectly round shape.There were also many enamel bangles with imperfectly cut stones embedded in them, making for a unique take on a classic. Most impressive were the two tiered chunks of sapphire and ruby earrings. Their substantial size and deep dark gleams are the perfect way to feel special and alluring. Simple and traditional pieces with smaller stones inlaid in gold and silver are also stunning choices for those not so inclined to take a dark decadent plunge.

What do you think?

More pics to come.