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Satya Jewelry Sample Sale

When: May 13-May 15

10 AM- 6PM

Where: 64 N. Moore St. (Between Greenwich and Hudson)

Deal: Pieces are 50-70% off retail prices.  Rings  are $20-$40, Cuffs $60-$120, Earrings $25-35 and Necklaces start from $25

On May 12, 2011, I was invited to Satya Jewelry’s Blogger Sample Sale Preview where I had my pick of $200 worth of jewelry (I’ll post a pic of my choices soon). Bloggers and other guests were treated to champagne and sweets as they browsed the beautiful inventory available for purchase.

Satya was started 10 years ago by friends, Satya and Beth, who felt like accessories should bear a special meaning to the wearer. Inspired by yoga and their own personal journeys in spirituality, each piece combines sacred symbols and gemstones with gold or silver. I found almost every piece to be simple but surprisingly detailed in an elegant way. It is no wonder that celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Susan Serandon, and Scarlett Johansoen have been known to accessorize with Satya pieces.

Beth and Satya were on hand greeting each attendee with warmth and genuine interest. It is easy to see how their sweet and jovial personalities translate into their craft. Beth, herself, spent some time talking to me about her experiences riding elephants in Thailand. Elephants, or the god Ganesha, she told me, stood for strength and it is a remover of obstacles. Each of the pendants are from Thailand and Beth and Satya pick out the gemstones and have the pieces assembled here. Beth also took the time to explain to me what each of the symbols and gemstones mean. The jewelry was arranged around the sunlit room by color. Beth inquired as to which part of the room I was most drawn too. Surprisingly, I was not drawn to any of the reds (even though it’s my favorite color) because I kept gravitating to the shimmering clarity of the blues and turquoises on the other side of the room. Beth told me that turquoise is a stone of health, apatites are for communication and new ideas, and blue topaz is a stone of awareness. At the risk of sounding cheesy, these were exactly the traits that are most prominent in my life. I have had a ton of new ideas and am pursuing new ventures, I am becoming more aware of my surroundings and those around me, but my health has been taking a back seat.

I also picked out some pieces for some of my friends who are celebrating certain milestones in their lives. For my pregnant friend, I picked out a gold and peridot necklace with a tree of life pendant—which stands for deep grounding and a union between heaven and earth. Since she is also very family-centric, it was a great way for her to be reminded of her familial roots and the strength she draws from them. For, Asialand, who was unable to make the event, I picked out a gold hamsa for her. The hamsa is the hand of protection and also a symbol that represents receipt of the universe’s blessings. Asia has many a great things ahead of her and I felt like she had always been plagued by the negativity of others, so the hamsa was a perfect fit. It was truly a unique shopping experience. I felt like I was getting pieces that were special and could resonate with my life and my friend’s lives, not just an extravagant means to embellishment.


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